About Us


We believe that growing our community is something that we are all responsible for. In.Fluence takes an active role in that conversation. 


In.Fluence is a program focused on bringing together local students and professionals with a goal of networking and driving positive perspectives for future generations of society. 


This three month opportunity is measured with custom tools to manage engagement activity. We also share our metrics with our communities and the general public to make available proven results of how these two groups interact. 






A motivated students between the ages of 12 and 17 in a public or private education program that is focused on getting experience with a professional in a specific field of business. This student should exhibit good social skills, a strong acumen for learning and contribution. The student should be able to travel and be entrusted with software and devices that are important to communication and recording within their cohort. The student would also be able to recall and write at length, important experiences given within the program. 



An individual that is in a position of management or set responsibility that invites the involvement of a student to their work environment. The professional would be responsible for communicating goals and opportunities available to the student that will ultimately help to grow performance and transition of skills for the student, inclusive of - meetings, summits, lunches and production opportunities. The professional would be able to recall and write at length important experiences given within the program. 



This individual or group of individuals would be connected to a program or need to review results from our program as to involve their own research and project reports about community growth and student welfare. This individual or group of individuals would be looking to purchase a subscription to share with public organizations as well as the press. This would include data from our findings and reviewing monthly data results from our program



Get involved today with the in.fluence mentorship program.

Our community is depending on us.




The program is designed to enlighten students on the possibility of opportunity and to provide access to into career or entrepreneurial interests through direct relationships with the people in the careers they desire. 

The program will put both parties (student and mentor) through a comprehensive vetting process where each will have to complete a thorough questionnaire regarding from targeting the interest of the student and how the mentor plan to develop the student. 

Furthermore, the objective of the program is to provide support with respect to incorporation of industry best practices specific to process design and implementation. Based upon the outcomes of the vetting and matching process the program will continue to provide sound methodologies that have been developed and used successfully with other clients over time.